How Does Art And Beauty Connect, What Is Their Relationship?

If you are a lover of beauty and art, you realize how it can mesmerize us and how we can not live without it. You could say it is a necessity of life, akin to our need for love and acceptance. Yes, we might be able to live without it for a while but, that is not living, nor natural or healthy. In a world devoid of beauty despondency would overtake us. We draw a vital aspect of the worth of living from beauty and art; it is necessary and a necessity of life.

Beauty is not synonymous with art, but it is endlessly associated with beauty. There is an intimate, even symbiotic connection between the two. It would be hard to imagine art without beauty, and even it antithesis ugliness. Art comes from the heart of man and is one of the humanities. Even though art and beauty have an intertwined relationship, beauty is of divine origin, flowing from the very character of the divine being, while art is man’s response to embrace beauty.

We human beings are ensnared by beauty, transfixed by it. Creating beauty in art and design is clearly a tribute to the creator. People pursue the equanimity of beauty where ever it is found, in nature, in order, in quality products – beauty draws us to her because it is our desire to live. The pull is so strong and even those who consciously disavow the divine existence of it are puzzled by it. The origin of beauty is not of this world, yet it is clearly a human endeavor.



The joy of art is the bridging of the gap to the divine by drawing attention to the beautiful. It brings a pleasure unmatched, redefined if you will. Even the beauty we see in science is merely a reflection of its creator, his fingerprints on his creative work. Beauty gives life meaning; we can not resist it even when we may not consciously recognize its divine existence. When we are around anything beautiful, we find a connection to the eternal, and this is so because we understand that beauty is timeless.

Beauty is so much larger than we are and when connected to art we throw ourselves into it. We seek it because it is too vast to grasp fully, which makes it all the more attractive, for a cause greater than ourselves. Art could be all about ugliness but, the definition of ugliness is a lack of beauty, so art finds its birth and existence in beauty. The idea of ugliness does not exist without beauty, as it is only absence. When there is no beauty in art, there would have to be no art, which would mean no design, no order in our world. The lack of law would make technology impossible.

We do not live in a world of chaos, but order, so science and technology agree with this outlook on beauty. Art without beauty ceases to exist; art is a message conveyed through media. Since art is about beauty and beauty is of divine origin, then the message of art is about the divine order of things. Many people struggle to take the pursuit of the divine to its full conclusion, generally from fear. Remember that beauty is from the spiritual and art is man’s yearning to apprehend it, to connect with the beauty that was given to each on the inside and out from the divine.

Beauty is powerful, and we cannot live without it. People surround themselves with beauty as if their life depends on it, and in a very real way of speaking it does. Although we do not live in a perfect world, we are obsessed with improving the world we live in, and that’s good. Earlier we mention that beauty is akin to our need for love and acceptance. We see what we want to see and believe what we want to believe, and so beauty will always be a part of our quest for fulfillment in our lives.

Until the next time, take good care and be well.


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