Are You Being Present In Your Relationships?

It’s a great question and one that you should ask yourself, are you present in your relationships, all of them both personal and business? We are all so busy these days, and it would seem that with technology offering us so much we would be able to have more time but, that does not appear to be the case for many of us. When you can be fully present people can sense it, and they value you more because of it. What that is saying to others is that you for the moment can put all of your concerns aside and be fully interested in what they are saying.

When you are more present in your relationships both personal and business, you have set your intention to actualize your attention fully and comprehensively to zone in on someone else. Who does not like to be a high point of interest to anyone when they are speaking with them? You in the process of adopting this outlook will be supporting yourself. How you do this and make sure that you are present you’ll know when you are on point because you will be listening with your heart.

Every good healthy relationship requires that you show up and that you are present and not asking for anything, you are listening first. The person that you are communicating with will know that you don’t have a personal agenda. In all healthy relationships, the other person needs to know that you are listening they don’t often need you to solve the problem.

Technology as phenomenal as it is has taken away from us almost as much as it has given us. If we are always busy, busy, it will appear to have taken over much of our human connection. The art of mindful social skills seems to be out dated when it comes to connecting with others and being present. When you are completely present, you can almost sense what the other person is sharing with you beyond words.

Being present in your relationships shows up as you being mindful and conscious. You will not let life pass you by you seize opportunities as they appear. Realize how technology if you allow it will take away your power. Engage in the activities and make connections only with the people that bring you joy, when you do this it makes it easier to be present in your relationships.

Until the next time my friend, take good care and be well.


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