How Ancient Wisdom And Age Rejuvenation Relate Today!

How about this little know fact, the search for everlasting youth and longevity did not just start. The ancient Egyptians, the Chinese and other cultures around the world have long sought for secrets and tips to enhance endurance and create a younger looking appearance. Let’s explore some ancient methods of anti-aging that the different cultures used to maintain their youth.

When you read them, compare with what you are doing today and see if you can connect the differences if there are any.

Well, we know the ancient Egyptians build pyramids and elegant multi-chambered tombs, but they are also known as the first society who developed the study of cosmetology. Ancient Egyptians who could afford it did not use soap when they bathed, but a form of baking soda, know to create a soft, clean and well-hydrated skin. Mixing water and natron, a by-product of sodium bicarbonate or sodium carbonate resulted in cream that can very well be considered the very first-night cream product.

The Egyptians were also very careful to use oils for skin care. Such oils were liberally spread over the skin and in the hair on an almost daily basis. Greek women used such oils and products to create skin care creams and perfumes as well. One of the most popular ingredients in their skin care products was honey, and olive oil was used to not only protect the skin but to give it a stimulating shine as well.


Many Greek women, especially those belonging to the higher classes, were careful to stay out of the sun, because it was known to age, and wrinkle the skin. In addition to using olive oil and honey, Grecian women and men often took mineral baths. Ancient India was no different when it came to searching for that fountain of youth and anti-aging techniques and perpetual youthfulness. What the Indians did though was to guard their methods carefully and passed them down generation to generation “orally” for centuries.

Of all the beauty aids used by ancient Indians, sandalwood is the most important. Sandalwood has been used for thousands of years as a base to create medicines and creams. The two basic kinds of sandalwood used in Indian skin care treatments are the white and the red sandalwood. The Indians had the white sandalwood for makeup and skin care needs. The red sandalwood was for both medicine and skin care needs. The Indians were quite creative with their skin care products.

The ancient Indian beliefs and philosophy taught, that living a harmonious lifestyle that blended body massages, and yoga routines to enhance health, and strength, was one of the best ways to youthfulness. The Indians also created green bathing solutions using flora, herbal, and milk products to lubricate the skin without clogging pores. Today these many mixtures are called an aromatherapy stream.

Anti-aging skin care products continue to be one of the most popular items used by men and women to enhance the appearance of youthfulness. Many of the products today have ingredients that contain vital antioxidants that have been proven to regenerate cell growth and defy the aging process. Learn more here.

Until the next time, take good care and be well.


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