A Cycle Of Envy That Strong Healthy Women Refuse To Buy Into.

What is the cycle of envy that all active and healthy women refuse to buy into? Let’s first establish who thinks that all especially women, buy into that they are envious of other women. There are those who believe that there is not one woman on the planet that genuinely loves herself for who she is and how she looks. The outlook for the people who think this way are the people who believe not one woman on the planet is here who does not wish to change one thing about herself.

Real women realize in a short time that there is no perfect and that no one has it all together. A practical and healthy woman accepts her assignment in this life which is to strive to develop and perfect her talents. Envy has no place in her growth and development. A lady who looks to rise and be an example of what it means to be a lady. You’ll find this type of woman in all the different circles, and you’ll see her involved with the intent to share and to serve others.

Envy is a big vicious animal, and real women do not deal with it because they have done the work on themselves. Personal growth and development is a constant part of their lives. YES, many realize that insecurity will seep in from time to time yet they refuse to allow it to take them over. When one has no internal peace, they will have no peace and no joy in their life, and the real woman who is always in the process of growth knows this as fact.

Real women who are in the know have no need to prove themselves, and they don’t need the approval of others. Women who are in sync with themselves realize they are not perfect and also that no else is either. The fully realized woman know that she will have to align herself with many others who will have what she lacks. Dealing with women who are competitive is a given, but these women leave envy out of the picture. Business is not only about marketing and financial strategies, but it is also about relationships.

Envy has no place in business we must understand ourselves and others as we use our building blocks to create the life and business that is both fun and fruitful.

Until the next time my friend, take good care and be well.


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