5 Reasons Why People Resist Change & Refuse to Grow!


5 Reasons Why People Resist Change & Refuse to Grow!

You do not welcome or embraced change, and especially when the outcome is not clear. The resistance will be less when you can see the opportunity that’s at the end of the change taking place, and that is not always evident. When you know, the why behind the, what and the how, in the absence of adequate information it helps to make the change required.

Resistance will be less when you know the long-term payoffs of the change in front of you and your lifestyle. What you want is to be able to see the personal benefits of the change that will affect you and see beyond the boundaries. You will accept change when it is before you, and it makes you feel valued and respected. When integrity is a part of that change, it is easier for you to embrace that change.

Let’s look at some major reasons that people resist change in business and their personal lives and, how you will not allow these causes to take away your desire to grow and continue to learn.

When you are not affected by it or not involved in the planning.

Resistance will always be less when the people involved feel that the project or involvement is their own. When people are asked to contribute (knowledge, attitudes, suggestions, feelings, opinions,) to the change it engages them for the better.

Change Threatens Self-esteem.

When the people who are affected, lack courage and self-confidence. Resistance will diminish when you help people focus on the things that they can control. When you can contribute to and focus on what one can control you reduce the innate fear of the unknown.

A Fear to Master New Skills.

When given the right training and education and you realize your qualities and effort are a part of the effort, it becomes easier to embrace the change. You get to implement the new skill and begin to see the end results of how it works for your success.

Loss of Ego, Status, Power, Resources.

Change can step on the ego it requires those who thinks and feel that they had it all to admit that they were wrong. Your resistance will become less when you understand that the change efforts will further and contribute to your vested interests.

Rigid & Inflexible Implementation.

Less resistance will occur when change is timed and planned well, and people will resist change when it comes as a surprise. People overall need time to evaluate change. Revisions and reconsideration are better when others are asked to participate; it then becomes much more desirable.

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