5 Habits That Lead To Making Dreadful Decisions!



5 Habits That Lead To Making Dreadful Decisions!

The headline leads you to wonder what does cause well-meaning people to make poor decisions? Several possibilities come to mind; people make poor decisions if they are under severe time pressure or if they do not have access to all the vital information required to make sound decisions. Research shows us that several factors emerge as the most common paths to poor decision making. Here is where we will list some of the most frequent ones.

  • Having No Strategic Alignment – This stems from a failure to connect to the overall strategy. When there is not a definite plan, it becomes difficult to suggest the best solutions.
  • Indecisiveness & Over-Dependence – if fear paralyzes you, it is hard to make sound decisions. If you are waiting for someone else and looking to them for the solution to a decision that you must make it will never fare well.
  • Isolation – Effective decision making recognizes that involving others with the knowledge, experience and expertise improves the quality of the decision. In other words, get out there and network to polish your decision-making skills.
  • Laziness & Locked In The Past – One does not check facts and appear to be sloppy in their work and not willing to put themselves into the work entirely. When one is not able to move into new territory and continues to use the same old methods, the results suffer.




The number one reason may be what we have listed below; it will tell you much about the person.

  • Failure To Communicate  The What, Where, When, And How Associated With The Decisions.
  • We can not get away from that old favorite word communications. When you are communicating a decision, its rationale and implications are critical to the successful implementation of that decision.

Now you can see how and why it might be easy for so many to make bad decisions and be far from bad people. It’s no wonder that good people make bad decisions, after reading this you’ll have a better understanding of why they do. Here are the facts the path to good decision making is narrow, and it’s far from a straight line. What’s important for you to remember is that the pitfalls that you encounter are there to make you a better person and capable leader and decision maker.

Find ways to simplify your life, if something is not important to you eliminate it. Willpower is not something you have or lack, it rises and falls. It is possible for you to stop making decisions and start making commitments, make a few changes to your daily routine. Once you do that, you will begin to make consistent progress on the things that are relevant to your lifestyle.

If we embrace life and ourselves with total awareness, decisions can turn out to be a win-win, always. When a decision goes wrong, it is not all bad especially if you learn from it. Making mistakes only expands our awareness, because after all the only bad decisions is a decision we don’t grow from in all its totality.

Until the next time, take good care and be well.


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